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About Dizlin

Dizlin Medical Design AB (Dizlin) is a development company active in the development of medical drugs for the treatment of diseases of the central nervous system.

An inventive new medical drug for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease has been developed. The drug enables levodopa to be administrated continuously through subcutaneous infusion. The drug is called Infudopa. This is a long-sought-after route of administration that has never been available before, and it is a breakthrough in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Open-label clinical trials have shown that motor functions were considerably improved after only ten days of continuous administration with Infudopa, and hardly any side effects such as skin irritation were observed. Pharmacokinetic studies show that the serum levels were surprisingly even. Parkinson’s disease can now be treated in the same way as diabetes through subcutaneous infusion using a small pump. Infudopa has the potential to become to PD patients what today’s insulin treatment is to diabetes patients.

When the Nobel Prize winner Arvid Carlsson learned about Infudopa he stated “I have an ethical responsibility to contribute to Infudopa becoming available to patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease.”

Dizlin is closely connected to the research performed at the University Hospital of Linköping, Sweden. The inventor of Infudopa, Dr Nil Dizdar-Segrell, is an associate professor at the hospital and is active both in research and in the daily treatment of PD patients. Clinical trials with the aim of obtaining a registration in Europe are scheduled to start at the end of 2015. Industrial production of Infudopa has already begun. A synopsis has been worked out as well as a detailed time schedule, whereby Infudopa is scheduled to become registered in the first European country in 2016.

Patents have been granted in both the US and Europe as well as in Canada, Mexico, Eurasia and Australia. Patents are pending in several other important markets including the BRIC countries.